DIAM GROUP has its roots in the Auvergne region where the French cutlery business was born. Today, however, most of its sales take place outside of France.
With the various industrial activities of the companies making it up, the group has forged for itself an international name as a metal processing expert:

  • stainless steels for products designed for preparing food (handheld kitchen utensils, blades, discs, graters, kitchenware, etc.)
  • a range of metals for small precision cut and stamped parts designed for various industrial sectors (automobile, construction, hydraulics, electrical engineering, etc.).

Although based on traditional craftsmanship, the DIAM GROUP businesses are constantly focused on developing their techniques so that our customers, however distant, will always choose our products over others.



The DIAM GROUP strategy


We believe in putting our markets first. This requires a perfect understanding and precise definition of the markets on which the DIAM GROUP companies operate. It also means working on the value chain and making sure we know how to make our offers stand out.

Our industrial know-how allows us to give our customers ever more added value, notably through our technological and logistic innovation.

While we are happy to subcontract out some activities, we refuse to outsource our key skills. This would prevent us from guaranteeing total quality control and from focusing on excellence.

The DIAM GROUP values

Our past mistakes have led us to adopt solid financial principles and discipline. They have also allowed DIAM GROUP to become a more human organisation rooted in its native region rather than a simple financial setup.

The DIAM GROUP men and women in charge of governance have a constant eye on the company’s development, profitability and financial health while ensuring everything is done to respect its human values and diversity.

And it is only by respecting the men and women working in and with our company, together with the environment, the laws governing our society and our commitments that we can obtain the trust we need to move ahead.

We are thus committed to a global principle of legality and fully assume responsibility for our decisions and activities. This is our contribution to the sustainable development of our companies in their surrounding environment, and of our employees in our companies.


Christophe CHERVIN
Chief Executive Officer


Cutting tools for kitchen aids

The company ADIAMAS (formerly known as GOUTTEBARGE) has been in business since the start of the twentieth century.
It started out as a professional cutlery-making specialist.
ADIAMAS has kept this traditional business but, over the last fifty years,
it has sought to diversify by developing know-how in the field of cutting accessories for food processors and kitchen utensils.

World leader in cutting accessories for kitchen aids

Today, the company ADIAMAS is renowned the world over for its food processing cutting tools.
Based in Auvergne, the company has the human, technical and financial resources necessary for mastering the entire process involved in making food processing attachments from design through to shipping. And, of course, all of its products are made in France.


Cutting, stamping and assembly of industrial facing parts

ADIAMIX specialises in the cutting and stamping of technical facing parts made of stainless or mild steel.
ADIAMIX is located in Alençon in the Lower Normandy region and occupies the former premises of the company MOULINEX.
Working according to your specifications, the ADIAMIX design office will design the most suitable and cost-efficient part for your project.
ADIAMIX supplies metal parts for the following business sectors: household electrical appliances, automotive, engines, household kitchen appliances, farming machinery, building, fluid transfer, etc.

From prototyping to mass production

ADIAMIX creates the prototypes then designs and develops the progressive dies and corresponding transfer tools. The company has a comprehensive machine base comprising cutting and stamping presses and dedicated to the production of medium and large-scale series.

Precision strip specialist

With a century long experience, ACIERS COSTE offers precision strip solutions to deliver technical parts.
Using its European influence, ACIERS COSTE assists metal strip processors from the design to the supply chain in the car industry, energy, electronic, aeronautic, households appliances, tooling, cutlery…

Custom-made, prompt deliveries and flexible supply in steel, stainless steel and other metals.

Thanks to its cold rolling craftmanship, ACIERS COSTE manufactures according to your requirements (thickness, tolerances, mechanical characteristic…).
To assist you with your projects, our technical team develops strip solutions. Our flexible industrial tool and our available inventory allows finishing process, specific conditioning (edge forming, cut-to-length, oscillated wound reels) and short delays on order of all size.


The hot forging Art

Located in the Thiers area, a major centre in the world cutlery industry, Forges Foreziennes is an industrial designer and manufacturer of forged table and kitchen knives, utensils, goldsmith blades and industrial parts.
Buy authentic French products from the masters of hot forging and custom finishing.



Couteau Sabatier

The SABATIER brand values

With its original business being in kitchenware, it is only natural that the company ADIAMAS should own a SABATIER brand: SABATIER DIAMANT


Promoted via the www.sabatier.com web, this brand is the perfect reflection of the number one world position occupied by the company ADIAMAS.

When a kitchen knife or a food processor attachment (blade or disc) is stamped with the SABATIER brand, this is a guarantee of the following list of benefits:

  • excellent cutting performance;
  • excellent resistance against corrosion (dishwasher proof);
  • compliance with applicable regulations (food contact, migrations, etc.);
  • exemplary finish;
  • a product made in France;
  • by a clearly identified manufacturer.

Background to the SABATIER brand

The SABATIER brand is an old kitchenware brand created well before the French law on intellectual property. At the time, registering a brand under a patronymic trade name, such as SABATIER, required submitting a description or traditional picture. This procedure allowed anybody with the same family name to register their brand under this name.
However, the underlying principle of the national regulatory texts published later on required a brand to have a distinctive characteristic. The new regulation was opposed to the existence of multiple brands bearing the same name. It was in this ambiguous legal context that several companies in France registered SABATIER brand names, which today exist alongside each other but do not necessarily embody the same level of product quality.


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History of the DIAM GROUP

DIAM GROUP is a holding company created in 1997 when the company ADIAMAS, known then as GOUTTEBARGE, was taken over by an LBO (Leveraged Buy-Out). DIAM GROUP progressively expanded through a series of external acquisitions until 2006, when a first set of difficulties arose.
A trying time followed for DIAM GROUP. At best this consisted of subsidiary takeovers but most often entailed liquidation operations. This lasted until April 2008 when all the companies remaining in the group were placed under recovery proceedings by the Commercial Court in Lyon.
Since then, DIAM GROUP has been working through a long and necessary clean-up process.

The new DIAM GROUP governance


During the DIAM GROUP General Assembly of 30 September 2008, the majority of shareholders dismissed the then Company Director and I was appointed Chief Executive of the Group. I had two objectives to meet. The first was to clean up the Group, which was at that time in ruins. The second was to lead the subsidiaries that still held potential through the recovery proceedings to a successful conclusion.
The shareholding, legal and financial clean-up operation of DIAM GROUP required non-stop hard work, but it allowed the first objective to be reached. As for the second objective, in spite of five fully honoured reimbursement periods and promising results, it will probably not be met until after the last payment in March 2018.
This achievement, reached in spite of the highly unfavourable economic climate, is the result of the involvement and hard work of all DIAM GROUP employees, together with the support of the company’s creditors, and a clear-minded, professional and rigorous management.
DIAM GROUP has come through its difficult years and has survived. Today, it has renewed strength to push ahead with its development.


Christophe CHERVIN
Chief Executive Officer

Current DIAM GROUP legal structures


Companies Legal status SIRET APE Headquarters
DIAM GROUP (holding) Joint stock company with a capital of
450 996 962 00038 6430 Z La Croix de l’Alizier, 63550 PALLADUC, FRANCE
+ 33 (0)4 73 51 13 82
ADIAMAS (100% daughter company) Joint stock company with a capital of
305 823 403 00012 2599 A La Croix de l’Alizier, 63550 PALLADUC, FRANCE
+ 33 (0)4 63 62 60 00
ADIAMIX (100% daughter company) Joint stock company with a capital of
440 841 781 00022 2550 B 18-20, rue du Chanvre à Tisser, 61000 ALENCON, FRANCE
+ 33 (0)2 33 80 09 99
ACIERS COSTE (daughter company 100%) S.A.S au capital
de 3.000.000 €
745 880 369 00038 2432 Z ZI le Felet, 63300 THIERS, FRANCE
FORGES FOREZIENNES (daughter company 100%) S.A.S au capital
de 210.000 €
502 690 514 00018 2550 A 2, rue de Vimont, 42440 NOIRETABLE, FRANCE
+ 33 (0)4 77 24 71 22

DIAM GROUP company shareholders

2015 – 2018 consolidated key figures in €

2015 2016 2017 2018
T.O. 15,500,053 22,869,649 25,243,275 41,445,000*
Net profits 871,455 779,018 1,012,050 42,000
Equity 4,258,178 4,926,762 5,823,382 5,749,000
Financial debt 320,163 2,507,683 2,491,301 9,616,000

* Full year revenue

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